Poker FAQ’s | Answers for Maverick Poker Newbies

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Have some questions on if two people can play poker and how to play in tourneys? 

Maverick Games have listed the top questions frequently asked about. Let’s get right into it!

Can you play poker with two people?

Yes, it is possible to play poker with two people. This is known as ‘heads-up’ poker, and is more common than you might think. The term ‘heads-up’ can also refer to the last two players left in a game when the rest of the table has folded.




What is the highest ranking hand in poker?

The highest ranking or strongest hand in poker is the royal flush, which consists of the sequence A-K-Q-J-10, all of the same suit. The probability of having this hand is extremely low at roughly 1 in 650,000, and your chances of winning the hand are 100%, so bet accordingly.

Is a pair of aces stronger than a pair of jacks?

Yes, in traditional poker aces are classed as the strongest starting hand, so a pair of aces is stronger than a pair of jacks. But note that lowball poker games like deuce-to-seven invert the traditional card rankings and count aces as high – making it the weakest card in this game.

What is ‘muck’ in poker?

‘Muck’ refers to the discarded pile of cards which is no longer part of the game. This consists of the cards ‘burned’ by the dealer after the shuffle, at the start of each round, and also the discarded cards of players who have folded. Once your cards are in the ‘Muck’ they are no longer live and cannot be brought back into play. 

Is one suit higher than the other?

No, unlike other card games such as bridge, every suit is assigned the same value in poker, no matter the colour. The winning hand is decided by the value of the hand, which can be affected by multiples of the same suit, as laid out earlier in our poker hand rankings.

How to play poker in tournaments

In its simplest form, players pay an entry fee to play in a poker tournament, which goes towards the tournament prize pool and more often than not an additional fee goes to the house. All players begin with the same number of chips. The blind bets start small but grow in size as the tournament progresses. As players lose their chips and get eliminated, tables combine to fill empty seats.

When only one final table remains, the player who eventually wins all the chips on the table wins the tournament. The prize money is shared among the top-finishing players, and the winner receives the biggest prize.

There are many different formats of tournaments with the most popular being:

  • No-limit holdem tournaments
  • Knock-out tournaments
  • Rebuy and add-on tournaments



When was poker invented?

While the origins of poker are believed to trace back almost 1,000 years, the game as we know it shares striking similarities with As-Nas – a five-card stud-style 16th century Persian game. As-Nas plays very similar to poker, with a dealer raising stakes and creating combinations of pairs, kings and high aces – but notably without flushes or sequences.

Other game scholars, however, point to the 17th century French card game Poque – the suspected origin of the name ‘poker’ – which was brought to North America by French colonists and its German equivalent pochen. Both games were based on a 16th century Spanish game called primero – the root of the straight poker game ‘three-card brag’.

What is poker equity?

Poker equity refers to a player’s share of a pot at a certain point in time, based on the likelihood of a hand winning at showdown. i.e. the percentage of times you should win a poker hand.

For example, if there is $100 in the pot, and your probability of winning the hand is 80% thanks to an overpair of pocket aces, you have a pot equity of $80.

Equity is constantly changing throughout a hand of poker. You can gain pot equity when your opponent chooses to call (and thus increases the pot size), and prevent your opponent from realising their potential equity by betting and increasing their chances of folding.




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