Open letter from Anna

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When I was a kid, I used to love to go hiking. I’d always want to explore just a little further. You never knew what was around the next bend in the path. And if you left the path to make your own, you could find so many adventures!

Then, my mom told me about bears. I wasn’t worried, I was invincible.

But I did see a bear. We were just out of the car and heading for the forest when a momma and two cubs lumbered out of the woods. Hiking wasn’t as exciting after that, I was scared! 

Like a good, protective sibling, I made my little sister walk ahead of me, singing loudly to scare them away. And like a not-annoying younger sibling, she sang the most obnoxious songs. You can only listen to the macarena sung as various types of pasta so many times before you just don’t want to go hiking anymore.

Ravioli ravioli ravioli… ravioli ravioli ravioli… ravioli ravioli ravioli… ay! Ravioli

Lasagna lasagna lasagna… 

When I think about the early days of being involved in the crypto gaming community, it feels the same as those years I spent exploring. Everything was shiny. Every new discovery was an adventure with almost unlimited potential. Blockchain meant provably fair. A strong decentralized community meant new ways of building tech and earning trust.

But there were also bears, and I struggled to watch as scammers took advantage of the trust that this trustless community gives so generously.

So our team started thinking about how we could create a space that could be the best of the two gaming worlds we were seeing. Community-driven and trusted.

Maverick is a crypto casino and sportsbook, built for you. Each of you. 

That’s the future we think about every day. One where we’ve blazed a trail so your experience can be safe, personalized, and FUN!

This is a work in progress. We’re still building. 

Our commitment to you is that we’ll be the best of what we believe makes the crypto community great: we’ll build in public. 

We’ll tell you what we’re excited about and seek your input. As much as possible, we’ll action it.

Our goal is to build an entertainment hub that feels like it was created just for you, with a layer of safety and security that doesn’t currently exist in this space.

We’re on an adventure, and we hope you’ll join us! Have ideas? Questions? Give us a shout! Our Support team is excited to talk to you and will make sure that your ideas and wishes are discussed by our entire team.

Thanks for joining us on this ride, we can’t wait to see where this path leads!


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