NBA Championship Outrights

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Now that we’re well into this year’s NBA playoffs, let’s take a look at who’s still in the running!

Team Odds*
Phoenix Suns 3.20
Golden State Warriors 3.60
Miami Heat 5.00
Boston Celtics 5.50
Milwaukee Bucks 6.50
Memphis Grizzlies 15.00
Dallas Mavericks 31.00
Philadelphia 76ers 31.00

*as of May 4, 2022

The top four seeds in both conference carried the first round of the playoffs. In the West, the Suns are now taking on 4th seeded Dallas Mavs, with in the East, the Heat are battling the 76ers.


So who’s a good bet?

The Miami Heat’s path just got a little more smooth, with the 76ers benching MVP finalist Joel Embiid with an orbital fracture and concussion. 

My eyes will be on the matchup between the Celtics and defending champion, Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks are strong, but the Celtics won their first game handily, and have been driven by a commanding performance this season by Jayson Tatum.

I’ll also be watching the Grizzlies and Warriors in the West. The young Grizzlies have something to prove, but Steph Curry and the Heat seem ready to take the throne back. Both of the first two games have been intense, with aggressive fouling. In Game 2, Grizzlies guard Dillion Brooks was ejected just three minutes into the first quarter.

Ready for some intense, physical play?

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