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From dreaming of becoming a professional football player, to trying my luck at becoming a professional poker player – which then took me to the other side of the world.

I’m Dan Kent, the new director of Poker at Maverick Games. Today I’m sharing with you my journey as a poker player, how I ended up in this role and answering some questions about the game we all love.

I started as a cash game player, then an SNG player with some MTT’s included. I then managed a live poker room where I got offered a job as a Tournament director for a top 10 online poker site. Being in love with poker, this was the best transition I could’ve asked for. To do some good on the other side of the table for the poker community gives me great pleasure.




  • What is your first memory of playing poker?

My first memory of playing poker was roughly 20 years ago playing a £10 rebuy and add-on at my local poker club on Monday nights. Having no idea what I was doing and looking back at it now, with the structures that were the norm then and how poker was played makes me laugh. Poker evolves constantly and I’ve got great memories to look back on to see how the game has developed just knowing how bad I was.

  • What is your biggest poker win?

My biggest win was a $600 buy-in deep stack at the Venetian hotel in 2016 during the summer. I won $35,000 and that was on the back of coming second the day before at a WSOP daily event. It was a nice couple of days for me as I don’t play live poker too often.

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  • What do you enjoy most about playing poker?

I love playing live poker for the social aspect. I enjoy sitting at a table and meeting so many different people and having a good laugh, but also getting to know different cultures and people’s different ways of thinking to one another. I find that really interesting and have made some good friends from various walks of life. Online I enjoy the other side of the spectrum. Being able to multi-table in the comfort of my own home and the possibility of having a big score in a matter of a few hours. It hasn’t happened thus far, but one day who knows?

  • What is your background and experience in the online poker industry?

I have been in the industry for just over 10 years. I have worked for a couple of different iGaming brands and learnt so much along the way. They had very different ways of working, so learning and taking in so much has led to me Maverick Poker where I believe my reputation with many poker players will help us grow and succeed as a popular site that does things the right way. It has been my dream to have an opportunity such as this. With such an enthusiastic team to work alongside, I believe we will build a reputation for fair, secure and transparent gaming and a cool place for both regulars and recreational players.

  • Who is your favourite poker player to watch?

I don’t really have a favourite player per se. I enjoy when friends or players I know have deep runs and railing them is fun. I’ve seen some close friends have some incredible scores live and online.




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