Intro to bitcoin

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If you have lots of experience gambling, but you’re new to bitcoin, welcome! It’s really not as complicated as people make it seem; smart folks have built apps and programs that make it a lot more accessible.

You can think about bitcoin in the same way that you think about the money you have stored in the bank. You get paid, not with physical cash, but by your company telling the bank that they should have less money in their bank account, and you should have more.

Sending someone bitcoin feels the same, except instead of telling the bank, you’re using your computer or phone to tell the blockchain. Just like regular money, you can store bitcoin, give it to other people, and exchange it for other currencies or things.

What makes it different is that it’s “decentralized”. No one owns the blockchain.

It’s a group of computers working together, so you don’t have all the problems that you might have if the bank has a tech problem, or is corrupt, or goes bankrupt.

Why bet with bitcoin?

It’s a currency, just like the cash in your wallet, but it’s decentralized. That means it isn’t controlled by a bank or government. No single person can control the bitcoin network.

You can set up a bitcoin wallet in seconds! It’s more like picking out a new wallet than opening a new bank account. It’s fast and cheap to move your money!

Tired of charges converting and sending your money? Yeah, us too.

The easiest way to get started with bitcoin is to set up a wallet.

We’ll stop talking and let you get started!


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