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Tyson ‘The Gypsy King’ Fury is back fighting in the UK for the first time since 2018. It’s an all-English spectacle as he takes on Dillian Whyte. 

The belts that Fury will be putting on the line are the WBC and the Ring heavyweight titles. Can Whyte pull off a shock and leave Wembley Stadium with the lot? 

Fighter Preview

Tyson Fury

Fury will come into this fight favourite in the eyes of many. This is also supported by the odds with Fury sitting around 1.2 to take the win. Fury has a record of 31-0-1. 

A look back at his past few fights would tell you why he is favourite. An undefeated trilogy of fights with Deontay Wilder being the standout. Let’s take a look at these fights with Wilder. 

Wilder 1

When the first was announced, Fury had not long been back in the game after his mental health struggles. His two fights leading up to Wilder 1 were underwhelming. Many people including the odds had Wilder as the favourite, due to his knock out power. 

Fury surprised everyone in the fight though as he controlled the whole fight and looked set to win. A huge knockdown by Wilder in the 10th round that almost ended the fight if it wasn’t for a miraculous recovery from Fury. Fans agreed that the result being a draw was a fair outcome.

Wilder 2 

Fury had two more fights between fighting Wilder again. He struggled against Otto Wallin as he sustained a massive cut that almost gave Wallin the win. This again had an impact on odds and Wilder was again the favourite coming into the rematch.

Boy was everyone wrong. Fury came out at the first bell flying. He learned in the first fight that keeping Wilder on the backfoot all fight rendered his knockout machine (his right hand) useless. 

Knockdowns in the third and fifth round for Fury meant that he was scoring big with the judges. Wilder couldn’t handle much more though as his corner threw in the towel midway through the seventh round after a barrage of punches from Fury. 

Wilder 3 

Perception had finally changed, Fury was the better boxer by far and the fans now knew that. Everyone had Fury favourite coming into the third fight. 

Postponements due to the pandemic and Fury recovering from COVID-19 himself meant that it was a complicated camp and lead up for the man from Morcombe. 

He came in heavy and didn’t look his best during the fight. Both fighters scored knockdowns early in the fight. Wilder was on top for more rounds in this fight than the other two fights combined. Fury found his second wind though and knocked Wilder out in the 11th round. 

A look at these fights with Wilder and complete dominance over the trilogy tells you why he is the favourite against Dillian Whyte. Fury is top of the rankings, holds all the belts and is currently the ‘lineal heavyweight champion’.

Dillian Whyte

Whyte currently holds the WBC interim heavyweight title and has a professional boxing record of 28-2-0. 

He has a similar record to Fury but has two losses. These losses are nothing to sniff at though. 

His first loss was to Anthony Joshua when he was tearing through anyone he was fighting. To even fight Joshua during this period was admirable.

His second loss came to Alexander Povetkin. Another great boxer that you wouldn’t be surprised that he lost to. What makes this loss bearable though, is that he fought him in a rematch in 2021 and got a TKO in the fourth round. 

He also has two great wins against Derek Chisora under his belt. One in 2015 with a win via split decision. And one more recently in 2018 with a devastating KO in the 11th round. 

Another good win came against Joseph Parker. Parker also only has two losses on his record, Whyte and Joshua. This shows he is no pushover and a unanimous decision win by Whyte is really impressive. 

How do I expect this fight to go? 

Both fighters’ styles suggest to me that it’s going to go the distance. If Fury has any weakness, I would suggest that he lacks a bit of power. Especially, when compared to other top fighters like Joshua and Wilder. Although he lacks power, it’s the number of punches landed that is able to dispatch opponents. 

If there’s one thing we know about Whyte, it’s that he has a chin of steel. I don’t think we’ll see a stoppage at any point in the fight. 

Although Whyte has the power to knock Fury out, his accuracy and Fury’s footwork will mean that we won’t see a knockout for either fighter. 

So assuming it goes the distance, who gets their hand raised? I think that Fury will prove too much for Whyte and the number of punches landed by Fury will win him the fight. The only way I see Whyte pulling off a shock win is if he gets in close and stops Fury from being able to use his helpful reach. 

What can you bet on? 

We have plenty of different markets that you can bet on and most of them include round betting, let’s explore some of them!


An outright bet on who you think will win.

Round betting

This is where you predict what round the fight will end in. You can opt to predict which fighter will win in which round. This has pretty great odds and adds more excitement when getting close to the round that you’ve bet on. 

You can change this to either fighter to win in a specific round. This is still exciting, you have more chance of winning but the odds are a bit slimmer.

There is also an option to group rounds together, so if you think that it’ll end in rounds 6-8 but you’re not sure which, you can bet on the fight ending in any of these rounds. 

You can also bet on over/under a specific amount of rounds. For example, if you think the fight might go into the later rounds then you might fancy betting on over 7.5 rounds. 

Check out all these markets and more fights on the undercard.

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