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We think about gaming licences like safety nets.

Some provide great protection — they’re well made, no holes, and they’re staked down. If something goes wrong, you know they’ll catch you.

But some have holes, or worse yet, they’re not really nets at all.

Like you, we’ve been involved in crypto and gaming for years. We’ve ridden the highs and surfed the lows. We’ve celebrated amazing innovations in technology and watched as scammers have taken advantage of the lack of safety nets. The community protects, but it can’t protect everyone from every threat.

That’s why we’re really proud to hold a licence from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. As far as safety nets go, we think it’s the best. A lot of crypto sportsbooks and casinos say they have a licence. But does it actually protect you?

Here’s a quick summary:

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission No licence
Software inspection Yes – all the games on our site must be independently tested by a government-approved testing house, and our processes are reviewed and audited yearly. No
Player fund protection Yes – our player funds must be kept separate from operating funds at all times, and we must always have enough funds in reserve to cover the settlement of all open bets. No
Checks on business procedures Yes – we have regular checks from a gaming inspector to ensure our processes are fair, and also have to submit a yearly audit to the government. No
Strong vetting Yes – each of our board members and a Designated Official are interviewed and approved by a government hearing. We also have to provide regular reports. No
Investigate disputes Yes – if you complain to the Commission, they’ll give us a call to see what’s up. No
Data protection Yes – we must adhere to strict UK requirements on the protection and control of your data. You have the right to know what we’ve collected and how we use it. No
Rented sublicense No N/A

It’s really important to us that we’re building a site that’s trusted, and that means holding a licence that protects our players. As we grow, we’ll seek additional licences that offer the same level of protection.


Our Support team is happy to answer your questions about licencing — what ours means and how you’re protected.

We’re here to make sure your experience is safe, so you can focus on having fun!


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