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Let’s break it down – what are the top 10 top tips for effective poker playing? At Maverick Poker we’re breaking down the key things to do so you can get one up on your opponents or friends at the table.

  1. Research is king – don’t risk your money before you understand how to play.
  2. Practice makes perfect – there are plenty of free poker games to try out.
  3. Pay attention to where your opponents are positioned at the table.
  4. Play each hand according to how you want your opponents to read you.
  5. Know the strength of your hand – memorise our poker hand rankings.
  6. Manage your bankroll, understand the risk you are willing to take on, and don’t commit all of your funds to one hand. Bet responsibly.
  7. Likewise, don’t overcommit your bankroll to a poor hand while bluffing.
  8. Have a strong hand? Try to get opponents to commit more funds to the pot.
  9. Play fewer hands more aggressively – it’s about choosing the right time to strike.
  10. Poker is meant to be fun! If you’re having a bad day, take some time off from playing.




How to bluff in poker

Bluffing involves making or raising bets as a strategy to get your opponents to fold a superior hand to your own – allowing you to claim the pot by default. Without bluffing, you always have to rely on having the best hand at showdown to win.

Experienced players know a bluff is at its most effective when used sparingly, at the most profitable opportunity – while bluffing at the wrong time could be an expensive mistake.

The best time to bluff? When you suspect your opponent has a better hand than you, but could be convinced to throw it away under some pressure.

It takes time and experience to hone your bluffing skills. Consider ‘semi-bluffing’ at first on a hand with strong potential, like a flush draw or straight draw – which is where you hold four of the five cards needed to create a high-ranked ‘flush’ or ‘straight’ hand.




Poker variations

Here are the three poker variations which are most frequently played worldwide:

Community card poker

The most popular variation of poker, seen in Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em. Players are dealt their starting cards, which can be used in combination with the five community cards in the centre of the table to make the best five-card poker hand.

Stud poker

Stud variants see cards dealt in a face-up and face-down combination across multiple betting rounds, meaning all players are given partial information. Before Texas Hold’em became popular in the 1970s, the most common form of poker was Seven Card Stud.

Draw poker

A poker variant where players are dealt all five of their cards, and then swap out or ‘draw’ new cards to replace existing ones and create the best five-card hand possible. The most popular variation of draw poker is Five Card Draw.




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